Our Vision

Fire For All Nations Vision

International –
To conduct international gospel campaigns. We network with existing churches for the purpose of helping them grow and to get them more involved with evangelism.

This is done in the following ways:

  • We conduct a 4-5 night campaign.

    We send someone or work with a qualified local contact to do all our “front” work for the campaign. This consist of mobilizing the church to fast and pray over the meeting, finding a location for the meeting and taking care of any necessary permits, renting sound equipment, lights, generators, etc. and to work with the church to prepare a praise and worship team. They will also equip the church with advertisement material and explore other means of media (radio, tv, etc.). We provide the church with follow up material, train counselors and develop a strategy for follow up.

  • "Caught in the evenings, taught in the mornings". The night services are strictly evangelism. We dedicate morning sessions for the new converts to begin to be discipled in the things of God. This is also a way for the new converts to meet and connect with their new pastor.

Our Mission

  • I have come to set the world on fire, and how I wish it was already burning. Jesus Christ - Luke 12:49 NLT

Fire For All Nations